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Philadelphia, PA


Wrong World Ceramics by Chase Brown


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Nature is full of luscious colors, textures, shapes, and curves. Some that we see everyday and don’t always think of them as something extraordinary. The way that plant material can grow and blossom and then decay and become part of the earth again in such a fast life cycle that never stops or slows down is amazing. But even beyond the obvious things that change in nature, I have subconsciously abstracted what I see in organic forms that have been manipulated by the industrialization of mankind. I incorporate architectural symmetrical forms into my work because man has manipulated nature so that it is viewed more as a resource to further our industrial age rather than an aesthetic. Industry is not something that breathes and lives in cycles the way that nature does, although every piece of the industrial world began as an earthly existence in nature. I want my work to look like an industrial or architectural form that breathes like it is still part of nature. But as I abstract the idea of an organic element I think that perhaps what I see is organic but not earthly in the sense that it may exist in some other world. The reason that ceramics has such an extensive history is the fact that clay can withstand time better than any other material known to the world of art. But art can exist beyond the world that we are aware of. And even if they don’t belong on earth, I want my ceramics to be a way to preserve these phenomenons so they can live forever.